Hire an Interior Designer ?? Reason #02

Hire an Interior Designer ?? Reason #02

There are few relationships that can be the source of more pleasure (or pain) than the one with your designer.


Aesthetics, personality and money: these are the three ingredients that either make or break almost any marriage. But the benefits of finding a match made in heaven are worth the risks, say those who have walked the designer aisle. Here’s why hiring an interior designer makes sense…


They have a trained eye


‘There is so much more to a well-designed room than simply filling it with your favourite things,’ says Sumari Krige, award-winning interior designer and owner of La Grange Interiors in Kramerville, Johannesburg. ‘Designers are trained to know scale, proportion, color, size and texture, and so will professionally assess your space to ensure it’s used with maximum efficiency and functionality.’ In short, a designer offers an extra set of eyes – eyes that are trained to see things you may not..


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