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How to Make Over a Boring corridor

Make Over a Boring corridor

When you redecorate your home, don’t neglect the corridor! Draw on these inspired examples to dress up those drab, narrow spaces and turn them into points of interest.

Corridor gallery

 Make a Gallery

Perk up a boring corridor by hanging a number of photographs or artwork. Add some simple seating, like a long bench, and that space suddenly turns into a place you might like to linger instead of just passing through.



 Establish a Library

A long hallway with a high ceiling is ideal for housing a library. This supremely practical solution makes a stunning visual impact. Add a library ladder to make the top shelves easily accessible—and for the occasional spontaneous ride.


hooks and chalk board

 Hang Hooks and a Chalkboard

Mount a series of hooks to create a simple drop off center for coats and bags as you come through the door. Paint the walls with chalkboard paint, and your corridor now doubles as a message center or a place to record daily inspiration.


 Construct Built-Ins

Bring life to a long corridor with built-in shelves for storage and display. A number of focal lighting fixtures illuminates images, and an arched bead board ceiling is a wonderful counterpoint to the rich wood flooring.


 Throw A Couple Carpets

Transform the end of a long hallway into a destination by deploying a series of small throw rugs that lead up to an impressive piece of art. Add a trunk, a throw, and a pillow, and you will have a place to stop and rest after your journey, or to mull over your next book selection.


 Make a Reading Nook

Making a cozy nook for reading or quiet contemplation makes good use of a boring, unappreciated corridor. The mixture of a recessed wall of book shelves and a bench seat lined with throw cushions is both understated and comfortable.


 Paint a Scene

Let an empty corridor wall serve as a canvas. Paint a scene to transport your mind elsewhere, while your feet bring you from one end to the other.


 Be Bold

Install a bold and decorative decal in a plain-Jane hallway to make it fabulous. An awesome option for renters, wall decals can be completely and easily eliminated without damaging the wall.


Mount a Mirror

Decorate the wall of a blah hallway with a large mirror, which can increase the impact of a lighting fixture or an architectural feature like stairs by reflecting it back into the space. If your hallway is home to a utilitarian radiator cover, use it as a display for seasonal design and homey candle lights.


 Install Floating Shelves

Organize a series of floating shelves to create an otherwise boring hallway delightful. Embellished with photos, mementos, and flowers, the shelves bring a dynamic element to the space. Simple bins on the floor below serve as practical but attractive storage.


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